The Switch

Psychology follows......Sexuality!

Psycology follows sexuality…life expands through us and…we expand through life!

There is a magic we keep in our hands…ready to create emotions,memories,experiences.


The road is long so we need more ways to communicate and why not experience ourselves in different states of erotism…this drive me to be a Switch!

My abilities to empathize,feel your needs and be my pleasure to come along with you makes me enjoy every idea of your deepest kinky thoughts and wants me to make them real!

My BDSM Sessions are based on mutual consent,honesty and communication.

It’s a mind game…

“I want to touch the parts of you no one else has touched. I want to own the piece of you that has yet to be discovered. So stop resisting. Let go. Let it happen.”






90’mins Master ………..350€

When was the last time you enjoyed worship a goddess? This 90 minute eastern – inspired slave experience gives new meaning to the term, “I’m Useful”.

Our session includes Bondage, Discipline, Dominatrix, Exhibitionist, Role Play, S&M, Spanking, Cock & Ball Torture, Cross Dressing, Feminization, Gags, Handcuffs, Humiliation, Depilation, Torture Collars, Humiliation Humour, Masturbation, Candles, Cleaning, Heels, Hands, Interrogation, Kneeling, Lace, Lipstick, Make up, Masks, Masochism, Massages, Master, Medical play, Mistress, Muscles, Necks, Nylons, Orgasm Denial, Panties, Pigtails, Pony play, PVC, Riding Crops, Satin/Silk, Sensory Deprivation, Socks, Strap-ons,Submission, Teasing, Temperature Play, Tickling, Watersport.

The combination of hot merciless play, and sensual humiliation will brainwash to all the tensions of your day away!

90′ mins Servant …………………………………. 350€ (**add +100€ / each additional hour)

What more beautiful to see a man in his full masculine empowerment?!

Be assured that during our time it will be my dearest pleasure to surrender to you. I will welcome you with an embrace and an offer to use my mind and body at your favor.

Once comfortable, our session begins, let me lead you into a steamy conversation where mutual consent,deep desires and exculpation are welcomed.

As a submissive lover I always expect a level of balance and from you to be able to guide sex within the boundaries of mine own desires without pressure to exceed them, My sexually submissive desires have concerns about the effect it may have on my day-to-day living.I have a conscious choice to act and by submitting to you in the bedroomI, I will not find this choice has been invalidated. My fact for confident and socially dominant individual acts on my sexually submissive fantasies.

This is for Experienced Doms…

“She whispered his name again. He was less than human now, and less than vampire. He was an animal. He’d drawn blood and now he needed to fuck, to cover her with his scent, to tell the world, She is mine. Stay away.”


***Companionship | Nuru | Tantra | Switch are different services which serve a certain purpose, in order to keep the authenticity and purity of each try to be clear on what you ill request.I am a fan of QUALITY (not quantity), so keep this in mind and ask me in case of confuse which one to choose!!!

More Specific details:

Always in proper dress attire for public/private time.
(For something specific pls ask)

Great and Savoir Vivre refined manners

Well travelled and educated, which benefits me as a good company for any simple or special occasion.

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