La Petite Mort / Tantra Massage

Come merge with me,
leave this world of ignorance.
Be with me, I will open the gate to your love...

I’m here to create new possibilities in your pleasure…and all aspects of your life!
Why?! Cause I’m a stranger…the unknown…which you invite me kindly to represent to you a new perspective of life through tantric experience…as well as you’ll do to me too!

Our sexual energy is our life force. We can access and use this energy as a force for healing, growth, meditation, creativity and change. Our sexuality connects to all aspects of ourselves and our lives.

As we remove our sexual blockages and allow more of that energy to flow, we allow all other energies to flow as we become more conscious, more connected and more alive.

Tantric Sessions


MYSTAGOGIA | 90′ mins……………250€

This wonderful massage session is recommended for first time bookings.

LE PETIT MORT | 2 hr ………………300€

Intense Tantric Path, you receive a full body Tantric massage including honouring of the lingam. Perceptions of sensuality and desire are located here. And these intimate areas are an important source of joy and fulfilment in life.


(*add +100€ / each additional hour)


***Companionship | Nuru | Tantra are different services which serve a certain purpose, in order to keep the authenticity and purity of each try to be clear on what you ill request.I am a fan of QUALITY (not quantity), so keep this in mind and ask me in case of confuse which one to choose!!!


This is how i want to be our Tantric meeting for you…

-Every time, my love, that you take me into your body, there’s welcoming.
There’s an opening, a surrounding, a knowing.
There’s a feeling of coming home, to a place of healing, of restoration, of release.
It’s a place separate from the world, a sanctuary, safe.
It’s a ritual in itself for the consciousness of being, of connecting.
There’s intimacy of body, of heart, of spirit.
In this connection of Yoni and Lingam there’s a sacred moment. It’s a breath of silence in the opening and in the entrance. It a timeless prayer of gratitude. There’s a reverence as our bodies, even for but a moment, become an altar, our union a prayer.
In this, love makes us in its own image.

My Fav Mystic Poet is Jalaluddin_Rumi :

“Reason is powerless in the expression of Love.”

Read him…dance Sufi…take your time…but Come!

My Tantric Session includes…an Out of the Head and Into the Heart intention!
Everyone has his issues…but this time I NEED YOU! Its your performance…to show up!
Its a commitment…yeah i know…the most awkward moment…until become exceptional!Be patient…

Creating Sacred Space…like candles lighting…my specific chill-out music…I start with a full body erotic massage…
Beyond the healing aspect of Tantric Massage, it’s a beautiful tool of intimacy, sensuality and care to share so our bodies get familiar. It can also lead to peak pleasure experiences, making it an important learning for anyone on a path of sexual exploration.
We continue with Tantric Breathing Exercise…eye contact…to travel in deeper states of consiousnes…

*Important Note: My Tantric Session,at least the first…is more smouth into the world of Tantra as i combine it with Escorting.
This means that includes halh a glam GFE half a Tantra Goddess! 😉
Second time Tantric Sessions becomes more intimate as all of my services…but especially tha Tantra one!

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