Distance Dating

“The central agent of eroticism is our imagination.” ♥ -Esther Perel

It’s March 2020, and the physical world as we know it is shutting down. Our plans, work, behaviors and ways of living in the foreseeable future have dramatically shifted, and we all must be socially responsible humans and help flatten the curve of a virus that we know little about.

I’m taking social distancing seriously and not seeing any clients in March. I’m also deeply curious about how we care for our emotional well-being and continue feeling connected, pleasured and tended to.

Imagine like you hire a virtual assistant with inteligence and willingness to adapt an evolve.

To support this, and also to lubricate my own creativity and purpose, I’ve created two new offerings!


*Your Virtual Girlfriend  (Message Package)

You don’t want an avoidant girlfriend who leaves you hanging when you need her the most, but you also don’t want an anxious phone addict who bothering you at work. So, what could feel greater than a message relationship?!

A GFE with a secure attachment texting & voice style to keep you uplifted, nourished, excited—and maybe help guide you when you need a little women’s wisdom.


Now you just have to decide: Which style do you prefer—Casual or Naughty?

Note: Due to an influx of demand, and to keep this limited so I can give deliver with my full heart and attention, rates may increase at any time! Email me now to lock in the rate below.

For €50/week, the Casual includes:

  • a morning goal or intention share

  • one check-in on your day, and an attuned empathic response

  • a share of my world and something I loved that day

  • a sexy evening selfie 😉

  • a nighttime gratitude

For €100/week, the Naughty includes ALL The Above, plus:

  • a short personal video of me during my day (may be casual or intimate)

  • another intuitive check-in during the day

  • a phone or video call of 10mins just for you!

For those who don’t want to share phone numbers, Twitter or Instagram DMs are also fine!

For this package, simply email me (info@portraitofvenus.com) and we can get started right away. Please note: This is not intended to be explicit sexting (see my Kashmiri Dream Date below for a spicier flavor of Orsalia). This is to develop or maintain emotional connection—if you know me or my brand, this will be obvious.

*Paypal is the form of payment accepted. You may pay one week at a time, or prepay for a month (4 weeks).



“Sometimes it takes darkness and the sweet confinement of your aloneness to learn

anything or anyone that does not bring you alive is too small for you.” – David White

*Kashmiri Dream Date 


Kashmiri Dream Date is a virtual sensual experience for strange times.

Think: Long-distance virtual date meets immersive performance meets apocalypse camgirl.

The audience member (you, the client) will:

  • Enjoy a 90-120 min curated virtual experience.
  • Dress as one would for a fine date (+ your favorite lingerie). 😉
  • Be secluded in the sanitized safety of your private space.
  • Float away on an oxytocin cloud of connection and pleasure.


What’s the structure of the date?

Act I: We’ll connect and share a glass of wine virtually!!

Act II: An artful surprise, just for you!
(think: burlesque dance, Tarot reading, poetry sensual,deep honest conversation)…

Act III: Something you wish..like a fantasy…


Why not just make an OnlyFans?

I don’t want to make one at this time. I work best individually and personally, and my regular business model is structured toward not just longer or more dates, but deeper dates. I want to translate that digitally (I consider 2 hours long in a digital frame), and I want to continue operating in a personalized “date” model.

Is this camming?

Will we get to play together virtually? Yes! But, we will also wander over beautiful, complex, sensual territory before we get there.

Will I see your face?

Regulars I’ve screened will, at my discretion. Otherwise, no. But, if you’ve ever seen a theater production with masked actors and still thought it was fabulous…

Why you do this?

Because that’s a big part of my SW world, which makes me feel a bit vulnerable to share to be honest! It’s not something I’m underate. I believe immersive experiences can be profound and powerful even if they’re from afar, and so that’s what I’m trying to do.

What is the rate of the experience?

This experience has a rate of €100 as a sliding scale depending on your capabilities. I know we’re all going through financial hardship. For reference, my 2-hour social date rate is €200, which is 100% platonic and includes no touching or nudity and is strictly in public. (My 2-hour general rate is €280.) And as with every date offering, rates can be given in both analog and digital formats, but 100% of the rate in this case must be received up front before we begin our digital time together.

If this sounds intriguing, fill out the form below. I’ll be in touch to discuss details.


Lots o Love,




Kashmiri Dream Date  *  Casual Date  *  Naughty Date

A Virtual Sensual Experience for Strange Times


Distance Dating